The FAQ's

Common questions about SMARTGIG

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  • What is SMARTGIG?

    SMARTGIG is a booking solution built for the modern day touring artists. We create seamless and easily to manage conversations around the terms of upcoming bookings.

  • What can I currently expect from SMARTGIG?

    SMARTGIG is currently in a Beta Launch. You can show your support and interest by setting up your own profile in SMARTGIG.

  • I am an artist, so what?

    SMARTGIG is a free to use offer management platform. You can invite venues using their email, to view your SMARTGIG profile. A venue can then use SMARTGIG to send you an easy to understand offer.

  • I am a venue, so what?

    SMARTGIG is a free to use offer and artist management platform. The artists that send you a SMARTGIG invite to your email are automatically added to your Artist Manager. You can checkout their social stats, music and technical/rider requirements all on their profile. From there, you are free to choose to make them an offer or hide their profile.

  • Will SMARTGIG promote my show?

    Unfortunately no. SMARTGIG will handle the communication up to the confirmed booking however we do not nor can we guarantee the outcome of each show. The venue/promoter and the artist are solely responsible for making sure that the show is properly promoted and the surrounding community is aware of the show's details.

  • Who can use SMARTGIG?

    Any genre of artists or venue that has an active and approved SMARTGIG account is eligible to use our platform.

  • Do I need to be exclusive with SMARTGIG?

    Absolutely not. We hope that our solution will be seen as a tool that traditional booking agency's can use in the spirit of partnership. We seek to build out existing tours and streamline tour routes not act as a booking agency responsible for booking an entire tour.

  • Do I need to sign a contract with you?

    SMARTGIG does not require any signed contracts or agreements between anyone that uses our services. We do hope that you take time to review our privacy policy and terms and conditions which by using this site you are agreeing to. If you ever have any questions, we are here for you. Simply email us at

  • What does SMARTGIG cost?

    SMARTGIG is free to use by both Artists and Venues.

  • What other fees should I expect?

    Our solution is free and there are no other fees associated with SMARTGIG. We do NOT collect a monthly fee nor a fee on door, ticket, or merchandise sales.

  • As a artist, how do I receive payment from the venue?

    If the Venue/Promoter include a guarantee payment, % of ticket sales or a % of doors sales within the terms of the offer, the artist is currently responsible for settling with the Venue/Promoter based on the terms in the offer.

  • When does my debit/credit card get charged?

    Currently SMARTGIG does not charge for our services.

  • Where is SMARTGIG available to use?

    Anywhere within the United States of America where great music is being performed.

  • Does SMARTGIG offer legal advice or help while negotiating with a venue?

    While we facilitate the negotiation process between the artist and the venue through the use of, we are not responsible or accountable for the outcome. It is both the artist and venue's sole responsibility to negotiate and agree to fair terms commonly used throughout the live music industry. SMARTGIG can not be held liable for any agreements made through this site nor do we make recommendations on what the terms should be.