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Your Personal Booking Assistant

Artists get automatically added to your artist manager. Easily create offers for the artists you like, hide the ones you don't.

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Create an unlimited amount of offers and manage an unlimited amount of Artists all in one platform.

Seamless Connectivity

Whether it's just you or you are apart of a team, managing the entire booking experience has never been simplier.

Automatic Clarity

Every revision made and every term changed to each offer, is clearly marked directly on your screen.

Built for you

SMARTGIG for Venues is both an Artist and Offer Manager. Artists that request an offer from you will be automatically synced into your profile. With one glance at their profile, you can easily tell which artist deserves to play your room.

Save Time

With our three step booking process, cutting through the negotiations and getting to a decision, allows you more time to do the things you truly love.

Highly Organized

Understanding the status of an offer is important. Simply at a glance, you will be able to understand both the current status and what your next steps should be.

Expand Your
Bar Sales. Ticket Sales. Community. Popularity. Audience.

As a promoter, how you fill the room is your main priority. Gaining access to great artists while keeping your costs down can be a daily challenge.

By using SMARTGIG, our platform makes creating offers easy. An easier offer process, means more time for you to be able to promote your upcoming shows.

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